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Update Password Dictionary

This updates password dictionary for the organization. A token with ORG_ADMIN authority is required to call this API.

Request Body required

The password dictionary file can contain lines that are:

  1. comment lines - the first character is '#', can be 128 Unicode codepoints in length, and are ignored during processing
  2. empty lines
  3. locale line - the first line that starts with "locale=" is considered to be locale line, the rest are treated as normal content lines
  4. line containing the password dictionary word - it must start with non-whitespace character and only non-whitespace characters are allowed; maximum length of the line is 128 Unicode codepoints

Password dictionary file may not contain more than 2,500 lines (not counting whitespace lines, comment lines and locale line). Password dict file must contain UTF-8 characters only.

Sample password text file

# Password dictionary small test file


# Password dictionary prohibited words


  • file binary

Successfully updated.