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Start a Test Invocation

Initiate a test event for all subscribers of the specified event trigger. If there are no subscribers to the specified trigger in the tenant, then no test event will be sent.

Request Body required
  • triggerId string required

    Trigger ID

  • input object

    Mock input to use for test invocation. This must adhere to the input schema defined in the trigger being invoked. If this property is omitted, then the default trigger sample payload will be sent.

  • contentJson object required

    JSON map of invocation metadata.

  • subscriptionIds string[]

    Only send the test event to the subscription IDs listed. If omitted, the test event will be sent to all subscribers.


Test trigger invocations that have been started for specified subscription(s).

Schema array
  • id string

    Invocation ID

  • triggerId string

    Trigger ID

  • secret string

    Unique invocation secret.

  • contentJson object

    JSON map of invocation metadata.