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Process a list of identityIds



You could use this endpoint to:

  1. Calculate identity attributes, including applying or running any rules or transforms (e.g. calculate Lifecycle State at a point-in-time it's expected to change).
  2. Evaluate role assignments, leading to assignment of new roles and removal of existing roles.
  3. Enforce provisioning for any assigned accesses that haven't been fulfilled (e.g. failure due to source health).
  4. Recalculate manager relationships.
  5. Potentially clean-up identity processing errors, assuming the error has been resolved.

To learn more, refer to the identity processing documentation.

A token with ORG_ADMIN or HELPDESK authority is required to call this API.



    identityIds string[]

    Possible values: >= 1, <= 250

    List of up to 250 identity IDs to process.


Object containing the DTO type TASK_RESULT and the job id for the task

    type string

    the type of response reference

    id string

    the task ID

    name string

    the task name (not used in this endpoint, always null)