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Set Identity's Password

This API is used to set a password for an identity.

An identity can change their own password if they use a token generated by their IDN user, such as a personal access token or "authorization_code" derived OAuth token.

A token with API authority can be used to change any identity's password. "API authority" refers to a token that only has the "client_credentials" grant type.

Request Body required
  • identityId string

    The identity ID that requested the password change

  • encryptedPassword string

    The RSA encrypted password

  • publicKeyId string

    The encryption key ID

  • accountId string

    Account ID of the account This is specified per account schema in the source configuration. It is used to distinguish accounts. More info can be found here

  • sourceId string

    The ID of the source for which identity is requesting the password change


Reference to the password change.

  • requestId string

    The password change request ID

  • state string

    Possible values: [IN_PROGRESS, FINISHED, FAILED]

    Password change state