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Update the details of a specific extended search attribute in IdentityNow.

This API updates an existing Search Attribute Configuration. The following fields are patchable: name, displayName, applicationAttributes A token with ORG_ADMIN authority is required to call this API.

Path Parameters
  • name string required

    Name of the Search Attribute Configuration to patch.

Request Body array required
  • op string required

    Possible values: [add, remove, replace, move, copy, test]

    The operation to be performed

  • path string required

    A string JSON Pointer representing the target path to an element to be affected by the operation

  • value object

    The value to be used for the operation, required for "add" and "replace" operations


  • string

Responds with the Search Attribute Configuration as updated.

  • name string

    Name of the new attribute

  • displayName string

    The display name of the new attribute

  • applicationAttributes object

    Map of application id and their associated attribute.