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Imports, or Updates, Non-Employee Records

This post will import, or update, Non-Employee records found in the CSV. Request will need the following security scope: 'idn:nesr:create'

Path Parameters
  • id string required

    Source Id (UUID)

Request Body

The form-data "name" attribute for the file content must be "data". See the schema specification.

  • data base64 required

The CSV was accepted to be bulk inserted now or at a later time.

  • id string

    The bulk upload job's ID. (UUID)

  • sourceId string

    The ID of the source to bulk-upload non-employees to. (UUID)

  • created date-time

    The date-time the job was submitted.

  • modified date-time

    The date-time that the job was last updated.

  • status string


    Returns the following values indicating the progress or result of the bulk upload job. "PENDING" means the job is queued and waiting to be processed. "IN_PROGRESS" means the job is currently being processed. "COMPLETED" means the job has been completed without any errors. "ERROR" means the job failed to process with errors.