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Lifecycle State

This endpoint returns a lifecycle state.

A token with ORG_ADMIN or API authority is required to call this API.

Path Parameters
  • identity-profile-id string required

    Identity Profile ID

  • lifecycle-state-id string required

    Lifecycle State ID



  • id string

    lifecycle stat id.

  • name string

    Lifecycle-state name.

  • technicalName string

    The technical name for lifecycle state. This is for internal use.

  • description string

    Lifecycle state description.

  • created date-time

    Lifecycle state created date.

  • modified date-time

    Lifecycle state modified date.

  • enabled boolean

    Whether the lifecycle state is enabled or disabled.

  • identityCount int32

    Number of identities that have the lifecycle state.

  • emailNotificationOption object
  • notifyManagers boolean

    If true, then the manager is notified of the lifecycle state change.

  • notifyAllAdmins boolean

    If true, then all the admins are notified of the lifecycle state change.

  • notifySpecificUsers boolean

    If true, then the users specified in "emailAddressList" below are notified of lifecycle state change.

  • emailAddressList string[]

    List of user email addresses. If "notifySpecificUsers" option is true, then these users are notified of lifecycle state change.

  • accountActions object[]
  • action string

    Possible values: [ENABLE, DISABLE]

    Describes if action will be enabled or disabled

  • sourceIds string[]

    List of source IDs. The sources must have the ENABLE feature or flat file source. See "/sources" endpoint for source features.

  • accessProfileIds string[]

    List of access-profile IDs that are associated with the lifecycle state.