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Gets a list of access items for the identity filtered by item type

This method retrieves a list of access item for the identity filtered by the access item type Requires authorization scope of 'idn:identity-history:read'

Path Parameters
  • id string required

    The identity id

    Example: 8c190e6787aa4ed9a90bd9d5344523fb
Query Parameters
  • type string

    The type of access item for the identity. If not provided, it defaults to account

    Example: account

The list of access items.

Schema array

  • accessType string

    the access item type. accessProfile in this case

  • id string

    the access item id

  • name string

    the access profile name

  • sourceName string

    the name of the source

  • sourceId string

    the id of the source

  • description string

    the description for the access profile

  • displayName string

    the display name of the identity

  • entitlementCount string

    the number of entitlements the access profile will create

  • appDisplayName string

    the name of app