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Service Desk integration template by scriptName.

This API endpoint returns an existing Service Desk integration template by scriptName. A token with Org Admin or Service Desk Admin authority is required to access this endpoint.

Path Parameters
  • scriptName string required

    The scriptName value of the Service Desk integration template to get


Responds with the ServiceDeskIntegrationTemplateDto with the specified scriptName.

  • id string

    System-generated unique ID of the Object

  • name string

    Name of the Object

  • created date-time

    Creation date of the Object

  • modified date-time

    Last modification date of the Object

  • type string

    Default value: Web Service SDIM

    The 'type' property specifies the type of the Service Desk integration template.

  • attributes object

    The 'attributes' property value is a map of attributes available for integrations using this Service Desk integration template.

  • provisioningConfig object

    The 'provisioningConfig' property specifies the configuration used to provision integrations using the template.

  • universalManager boolean

    Specifies whether this configuration is used to manage provisioning requests for all sources from the org. If true, no managedResourceRefs are allowed.

  • managedResourceRefs object[]

    References to sources for the Service Desk integration template. May only be specified if universalManager is false.

  • type string

    Possible values: [SOURCE]

    The type of object being referenced

  • id string

    ID of the source

  • name string

    Human-readable display name of the source

  • planInitializerScript object

    This is a reference to a plan initializer script.

  • source string

    This is a Rule that allows provisioning instruction changes.