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List Schema Attributes Non-Employee Source

This API gets the list of schema attributes for the specified Non-Employee SourceId. There are 8 mandatory attributes added to each new Non-Employee Source automatically. Additionaly, user can add up to 10 custom attributes. This interface returns all the mandatory attributes followed by any custom attributes. At most, a total of 18 attributes will be returned.

Path Parameters
  • sourceId string required

    The Source id

    Example: 2c918085842e69ae018432d22ccb212f

A list of Schema Attributes

Schema array
  • id UUID

    Schema Attribute Id

  • system boolean

    True if this schema attribute is mandatory on all non-employees sources.

  • modified date-time

    When the schema attribute was last modified.

  • created date-time

    When the schema attribute was created.

  • type string

    Possible values: [TEXT, DATE, IDENTITY]

    Enum representing the type of data a schema attribute accepts.

  • label string

    Label displayed on the UI for this schema attribute.

  • technicalName string

    The technical name of the attribute. Must be unique per source.

  • helpText string

    help text displayed by UI.

  • placeholder string

    Hint text that fills UI box.

  • required boolean

    If true, the schema attribute is required for all non-employees in the source