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Get current entitlement for a role

This endpoint gets the entitlements for a role. The term "current" is to distinguish from the entitlement(s) an insight might recommend adding.

Path Parameters
  • insightId string required

    The role insight id

    Example: 8c190e67-87aa-4ed9-a90b-d9d5344523fb
Query Parameters
  • filters string

    Filter parameter(s) by "starts with" for the name and description.


Succeeded. Returns a list of current or pre-existing entitlements for a role.

Schema array
  • name string

    Name of the entitlement

  • id string

    Id of the entitlement

  • description string

    Description for the entitlement

  • source string

    Source or the application for the entitlement

  • attribute string

    Attribute for the entitlement

  • value string

    Attribute value for the entitlement