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Get a specified ManagedCluster.

Retrieve a ManagedCluster by ID.

Path Parameters
  • id string required

    ID of the ManagedCluster to get


Responds with ManagedCluster having the given ID.

  • id string

    ManagedCluster ID

  • name string

    ManagedCluster name

  • pod string

    ManagedCluster pod

  • org string

    ManagedCluster org

  • type string

    Possible values: [idn, iai]

    The Type of Cluster

  • configuration object

    ManagedProcess configuration map

  • property name* string
  • keyPair object

    key pair for the ManagedCluster

  • publicKey string

    ManagedCluster publicKey

  • publicKeyThumbprint string

    ManagedCluster publicKeyThumbprint

  • publicKeyCertificate string

    ManagedCluster publicKeyCertificate

  • attributes object

    Specific Attributes for Configuring a ManagedCluster by Type

  • queue object

    ManagedCluster keystore for sqsCluster type

  • name string

    ManagedCluster queue name

  • region string

    ManagedCluster queue aws region

  • keystore string

    ManagedCluster keystore for spConnectCluster type

  • description string

    ManagedCluster description

  • redis object

    Redis configuration for the ManagedCluster

  • redisHost string

    ManagedCluster redisHost

  • redisPort int32

    ManagedCluster redisPort

  • clientType string

    Possible values: [CCG, VA, INTERNAL]

    type of client for the ManagedCluster

  • ccgVersion string

    CCG version used by the ManagedCluster

  • pinnedConfig boolean

    Default value: false

    boolean flag indiacting whether or not the cluster configuration is pinned

  • logConfiguration object

    client log configuration for the cluster

  • clientId string

    client ID of the Log configuration

  • durationMinutes int32

    Possible values: >= 5 and <= 1440

    duration in minutes for the log configuration to remain in effect before resetting to defaults

  • expiration date-time

    Expiration date-time of the log configuration request

  • rootLevel string

    Possible values: [OFF, FATAL, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE]

    Default value: INFO

    Root Log level to apply

  • logLevels object

    Map of LogLevel by key

  • property name* string

    Possible values: [OFF, FATAL, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE]

  • operational boolean

    Default value: false

    Whether or not the cluster is operational or not

  • status string

    Cluster status

  • publicKeyCertificate string

    Public key certificate

  • publicKeyThumbprint string

    Public key thumbprint

  • publicKey string

    Public key

  • alertKey string

    Key describing any immediate cluster alerts

  • clientIds string[]

    List of clients in a cluster

  • serviceCount int32

    Number of services bound to a cluster

  • ccId string

    Default value: 0

    CC ID only used in calling CC, will be removed without notice when Migration to CEGS is finished