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Permissions for Entitlement Certification Item

This API returns the permissions associated with an entitlement certification item based on the certification item's ID. A token with ORG_ADMIN or CERT_ADMIN authority is required to call this API. Reviewers for this certification can also call this API.

Path Parameters
  • certificationId string required

    The certification ID

    Example: ef38f94347e94562b5bb8424a56397d8
  • itemId string required

    The certification item ID

    Example: 2c91808671bcbab40171bd945d961227
Query Parameters
  • filters string

    Filter results using the standard syntax described in V3 API Standard Collection Parameters

    Supported fields and primitive operators:

    target: eq, sw

    rights: ca

    Supported composite operators:

    and, or

    All field values (second filter operands) are case-insensitive for this API.

    Only a single and or or composite filter operator may be used. It must also be used between a target filter and a rights filter, not between 2 filters for the same field. For example,

    The following is valid: ?filters=rights+ca+(%22CREATE%22)+and+target+eq+%22SYS.OBJAUTH2%22

    The following is invalid: ?filters=rights+ca+(%22CREATE%22)+and+rights+ca+(%SELECT%22)

  • limit int32

    Possible values: <= 250

    Default value: 250

    Max number of results to return. See V3 API Standard Collection Parameters for more information.

    Example: 250
  • offset int32

    Offset into the full result set. Usually specified with limit to paginate through the results. See V3 API Standard Collection Parameters for more information.

  • count boolean

    If true it will populate the X-Total-Count response header with the number of results that would be returned if limit and offset were ignored.

    Since requesting a total count can have a performance impact, it is recommended not to send count=true if that value will not be used.

    See V3 API Standard Collection Parameters for more information.

    Example: true

A list of permissions associated with the given itemId

Schema array
  • rights string[]

    All the rights (e.g. actions) that this permission allows on the target

  • target string

    The target the permission would grants rights on.