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Get an Entitlement

This API returns an Entitlement by its ID.

Path Parameters
  • id string required

    Entitlement Id

    Example: 2c91808874ff91550175097daaec161c

An Entitlement

  • id string

    The entitlement id

  • name string

    The entitlement name

  • attribute string

    The entitlement attribute name

  • value string

    The value of the entitlement

  • sourceSchemaObjectType string

    The object type of the entitlement from the source schema

  • description string

    The description of the entitlement

  • privileged boolean

    True if the entitlement is privileged

  • cloudGoverned boolean

    True if the entitlement is cloud governed

  • created date-time

    Time when the entitlement was created

  • modified date-time

    Time when the entitlement was last modified

  • source object
  • id string

    The source ID

  • type string

    The source type, will always be "SOURCE"

  • name string

    The source name

  • attributes object

    A map of free-form key-value pairs from the source system

  • segments string[]

    List of IDs of segments, if any, to which this Entitlement is assigned.

  • directPermissions object[]
  • rights string[]

    All the rights (e.g. actions) that this permission allows on the target

  • target string

    The target the permission would grants rights on.