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Get Access Request Configuration

This endpoint returns the current access-request configuration.


Access Request Configuration Details.

  • approvalsMustBeExternal boolean

    If true, then approvals must be processed by external system.

  • autoApprovalEnabled boolean

    If true and requester and reviewer are the same, then automatically approve the approval.

  • requestOnBehalfOfConfig object

    Request On Behalf Of Configuration.

  • allowRequestOnBehalfOfAnyoneByAnyone boolean

    If anyone can request access for anyone.

  • allowRequestOnBehalfOfEmployeeByManager boolean

    If a manager can request access for his/her direct reports.

  • approvalReminderAndEscalationConfig object

    Approval Reminder and Escalation Configuration.

  • daysUntilEscalation int32

    Number of days to wait before the first reminder. If no reminders are configured, then this is the number of days to wait before escalation.

  • daysBetweenReminders int32

    Number of days to wait between reminder notifications.

  • maxReminders int32

    Maximum number of reminder notification to send to the reviewer before approval escalation.

  • fallbackApproverRef object
  • type string

    The type can only be IDENTITY. This is read-only

  • id string

    Identity id.

  • name string

    Human-readable display name of identity. This is read-only

  • email string

    Email address of identity. This is read-only

  • entitlementRequestConfig object

    Entitlement Request Configuration.

  • allowEntitlementRequest boolean

    Flag for allowing entitlement request.

  • requestCommentsRequired boolean

    Default value: false

    Flag for requiring comments while submitting an entitlement request.

  • deniedCommentsRequired boolean

    Default value: false

    Flag for requiring comments while rejecting an entitlement request.

  • grantRequestApprovalSchemes string

    Default value: sourceOwner

    Approval schemes for granting entitlement request. This can be empty if no approval is needed. Multiple schemes must be comma-separated. The valid schemes are "sourceOwner", "manager" and "workgroup:{id}". Multiple workgroups (governance groups) can be used.