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Generate a Campaign from Template

Generates a new campaign from a campaign template. The campaign object contained in the template has special formatting applied to its name and description fields in order to determine the generated campaign's name/description. Placeholders in those fields are formatted with the current date and time upon generation. Placeholders consist of a percent sign followed by a letter indicating what should be inserted; for example, "%Y" will insert the current year; a campaign template named "Campaign for %y" would generate a campaign called "Campaign for 2020" (assuming the year at generation time is 2020). Valid placeholders are the date/time conversion suffix characters supported by java.util.Formatter. Requires roles ORG_ADMIN.

Path Parameters
  • id string required

    The ID of the campaign template to use for generation.


Indicates a campaign was successfully generated from this template, and returns a reference to the new campaign.

  • id string

    The unique ID of the campaign.

  • name string

    The name of the campaign.

  • type string

    Possible values: [CAMPAIGN]

    The type of object that is being referenced.

  • campaignType string

    Possible values: [MANAGER, SOURCE_OWNER, SEARCH]

    The type of the campaign.

  • description string

    The description of the campaign set by the admin who created it.