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Export (download) details for a potential role in a role mining session

This endpoint downloads a completed export of information for a potential role in a role mining session.

Path Parameters
  • sessionId uuid required

    The role mining session id

    Example: 8c190e67-87aa-4ed9-a90b-d9d5344523fb
  • potentialRoleId uuid required

    A potential role id in a role mining session

    Example: 278359a6-04b7-4669-9468-924cf580964a
  • exportId uuid required

    The id of a previously run export job for this potential role

    Example: 4940ffd4-836f-48a3-b2b0-6d498c3fdf40

Succeeded. Returns a zip file containing csv files for identities and entitlements for the potential role.

  • string binary