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Delete Source by ID

This end-point deletes a specific source in IdentityNow. A token with ORG_ADMIN, SOURCE_ADMIN, or SOURCE_SUBADMIN authority is required to call this API. All of accounts on the source will be removed first, then the source will be deleted. Actual status of task execution can be retrieved via method GET /task-status/{id}

Path Parameters
  • id string required

    The Source ID

    Example: 2c9180835d191a86015d28455b4a2329

Accepted - Returned if the request was successfully accepted into the system.

  • type string

    Possible values: [TASK_RESULT]

    The type of object being referenced

  • id string

    ID of the task result

  • name string

    Human-readable display name of the task result (should be null/empty)