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Delete Access Profile(s)



This API initiates a bulk deletion of one or more Access Profiles.

By default, if any of the indicated Access Profiles are in use, no deletions will be performed and the inUse field of the response indicates the usages that must be removed first. If the request field bestEffortOnly is true, however, usages are reported in the inUse response field but all other indicated Access Profiles will be deleted.

A token with API, ORG_ADMIN, SOURCE_ADMIN, or SOURCE_SUBADMIN authority is required to call this API. In addition, a SOURCE_SUBADMIN may only use this API to delete Access Profiles which are associated with Sources they are able to administer.



    accessProfileIds string[]

    List of IDs of Access Profiles to be deleted.

    bestEffortOnly boolean

    If true, silently skip over any of the specified Access Profiles if they cannot be deleted because they are in use. If false, no deletions will be attempted if any of the Access Profiles are in use.


Returned only if bestEffortOnly is false, and one or more Access Profiles are in use.

    taskId string

    ID of the task which is executing the bulk deletion. This can be passed to the /task-status API to track status.

    pending string[]

    List of IDs of Access Profiles which are pending deletion.

    inUse object[]

    List of usages of Access Profiles targeted for deletion.

  • Array [
  • accessProfileId string

    ID of the Access Profile that is in use

    usedBy object[]

    List of references to objects which are using the indicated Access Profile

  • Array [
  • type string

    Possible values: [ROLE]

    DTO type of role using the access profile.

    id string

    ID of role using the access profile.

    name string

    Display name of role using the access profile.

  • ]
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