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Reassign Certifications

This API reassigns the specified certifications from one identity to another. A token with ORG_ADMIN or CERT_ADMIN authority is required to call this API.

Path Parameters
  • id string required

    The certification campaign ID

    Example: ef38f94347e94562b5bb8424a56397d8
Request Body required
  • certificationIds string[]

    Possible values: >= 1, <= 250

    List of certification IDs to reassign

  • reassignTo object
  • id string

    The identity ID to which the review is being assigned.

  • type string

    Possible values: [IDENTITY]

    The type of the ID provided.

  • reason string

    Comment to explain why the certification was reassigned


The reassign task that has been submitted.

  • id string

    The ID of the certification task.

  • type string


    The type of the certification task. More values may be added in the future.

  • targetType string

    Possible values: [CERTIFICATION, CAMPAIGN]

    The type of item that is being operated on by this task whose ID is stored in the targetId field.

  • targetId string

    The ID of the item being operated on by this task.

  • status string

    Possible values: [QUEUED, IN_PROGRESS, SUCCESS, ERROR]

    The status of the task.

  • errors object[]

    A list of errors that have been encountered by the task.

  • locale string

    The locale for the message text, a BCP 47 language tag.

  • localeOrigin string

    Possible values: [DEFAULT, REQUEST]

    An indicator of how the locale was selected. DEFAULT means the locale is the system default. REQUEST means the locale was selected from the request context (i.e., best match based on the Accept-Language header). Additional values may be added in the future without notice.

  • text string

    Actual text of the error message in the indicated locale.

  • created date-time

    The date and time on which this task was created.