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Error Handling with The TypeScript SDK

The TypeScript SDK uses the Axios library to handle HTTP requests. Axios will throw an error for any response status that falls outside the range of 2xx. A non-2xx response will immediately halt the program and produce a stack trace. Axios provides two methods for gracefully handling error responses from an API.

The first method is to use a catch function to intercept any unsuccessful response and take actions on the results, such as logging the message or performing additional actions before exiting the program:

// Catch any non 2xx response and log the error message and metadata
let transforms = await api.listTransforms().catch(function (error) {

The second method is to define which HTTP status codes should throw an error for a given request using the validateStatus option. This gives you an opportunity to recover from a bad request without exiting the program.

If you don't want the program to exit for 4xx response codes, you can use this configuration:

// Resolve only if the status code is less than 500
let transforms = await api.listTransforms(
{filters: 'id eq'},
validateStatus: function (status) {
return status < 500;

if (transforms.status === 200) {
} else if (transforms.status === 400) {
console.log('The filter is invalid. Continuing execution.');

If you don't want the program to exit for any error response, you can use this configuration:

await api.listTransforms(
validateStatus: function (status) {
return true;