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Updating resources with the PowerShell SDK

You can use the SDK to update resources. These cmdlets will typically start with the Update keyword.

To see a list of available create cmdlets, run this command:

Get-Command -Module PSSailpoint | where-object {$ -like "*Update-*" } | Sort-Object Name | Get-Help | Format-Table Name, Synopsis

The SDK returns this output (all beta endpoints are designated by the Beta prefix):

Name                        Synopsis
---- --------
Update-AccessProfile Patch a specified Access Profile
Update-Account Update Account
Update-AuthOrgNetworkConfig Update security network configuration.
Update-AuthUser Auth User Update
Update-BetaAccessProfile Patch a specified Access Profile
Update-BetaAccount Update Account
Update-BetaCampaign Update a Campaign
Update-BetaCampaignTemplate Update a Campaign Template
Update-BetaCommonAccessSta… Bulk update common access status
Update-BetaConnectorRule Update a Connector Rule
Update-BetaEntitlement Patch an entitlement
Update-BetaEntitlementsInB… Bulk update an entitlement list
Update-BetaEntitlementsPot… Edit entitlements for a potential rol…
Update-BetaFormDefinition Patch a form definition.
Update-BetaFormInstance Patch a form instance.
Update-BetaIdentityProfile Update the Identity Profile
Update-BetaLifecycleStates Update Lifecycle State

Here is an example update WorkGroup script which will update the description for the previously created Workgroup from Create a Resource:

$WorkGroup = Get-BetaWorkgroups -Filters 'name eq "DB Access Governance Group"'

$WorkGroupUpdate = [PSCustomObject]@{
op = "replace"
path = "/description"
value = "This is an updated description for the workgroup."

Update-BetaWorkgroup -Id $ -JsonPatchOperation $WorkGroupUpdate

The updated WorkGroup will be returned by the SDK:

Name                           Value
---- -----
description This is an updated description for the workgroup.
owner {[displayName, Brian Mendoza], [emailAddress, ], [type, IDENTITY], [id, 0003c25c365e492381d4e557b6159f9b]}
memberCount 0
connectionCount 0
id a241d625-d948-4c41-839e-869b790837a1
name DB Access Governance Group
created 12/1/2023 5:39:23 PM
modified 12/1/2023 5:39:23 PM