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Creating resources with the PowerShell SDK

You can use the SDK to create new resources. These cmdlets will typically start with the New keyword.

To see a list of available create cmdlets, run this command:

Get-Command -Module PSSailpoint | where-object {$ -like "*New-*" } | Sort-Object Name | Get-Help | Format-Table Name, Synopsis

The SDK returns this output (all beta endpoints are designated by the Beta prefix):

Name                     Synopsis
---- --------
New-AccessProfile Create an Access Profile
New-AccessRequest Submit an Access Request
New-Account Create Account
New-AuthOrgNetworkConfig Create security network configuration.
New-BetaAccessProfile Create an Access Profile
New-BetaAccessRequest Submit an Access Request
New-BetaAccount Create Account
New-BetaCampaign Create a campaign
New-BetaCampaignTemplate Create a Campaign Template
New-BetaCommonAccess Create common access items
New-BetaConnectorRule Create Connector Rule
New-BetaCustomPasswordI… Create Custom Password Instructions
New-BetaDigitToken Generate a digit token
New-BetaDomainDkim Verify domain address via DKIM

Here is an example create workgroup script from the beta APIs you can copy into your PowerShell instance to try it out:

$Identity = Get-PublicIdentities -Limit 1

$JSON = @"
"owner": {
"type": "IDENTITY",
"id": "$($",
"name": "$($"
"name": "DB Access Governance Group",
"description": "Description of the Governance Group"

$WorkGroup = ConvertFrom-BetaJsonToWorkgroupDto -Json $JSON

$WorkGroup = Initialize-BetaWorkgroupDto -Name "DB Access Governance Group" -Description "Description of the Governance Group" -Owner @{
"type" = "IDENTITY"
"id" = $
"name" = $

New-BetaWorkgroup -WorkgroupDto $WorkGroup

The example uses the Get-PublicIdentities -Limit cmdlet to pull an identity needed to be the owner of the Workgroup and shows two ways of creating the new WorkGroup to send with the request.

The first on lines 3-15 initializes a json string then converts the string into a WorkGroup object with ConvertFrom-BetaJsonToWorkgroupDto

The second on lines 17-21 initializes the WorkGroup object by passing in each property of the WorkGroup.

The WorkGroup will be returned by the SDK:

Name                           Value
---- -----
description Description of the Governance Group
owner {[displayName, Brian Mendoza], [emailAddress, ], [type, IDENTITY], [id, 0003c25c365e492381d4e557b6159f9b]}
memberCount 0
connectionCount 0
id a241d625-d948-4c41-839e-869b790837a1
name DB Access Governance Group