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Creating resources with the Go SDK

Here is an example create workgroup script from the beta APIs you can copy into your "sdk.go" instance to try it out:

package main

import (

sailpoint ""

func main() {

ctx := context.TODO()
configuration := sailpoint.NewDefaultConfiguration()
apiClient := sailpoint.NewAPIClient(configuration)

resp, _, err := apiClient.V3.PublicIdentitiesApi.GetPublicIdentities(ctx).Limit(1).Execute()

identity := "IDENTITY"
workgroupName := "DB Access Governance Group"
workgroupDescription := "Description of the Governance Group"

workgroup := beta.WorkgroupDto{
Name: &workgroupName,
Description: &workgroupDescription,
Owner: &beta.OwnerDto{
Id: resp[0].Id,
Name: resp[0].Name,
Type: &identity,

newWorkgroup, request, errMessage := apiClient.Beta.GovernanceGroupsApi.CreateWorkgroup(ctx).WorkgroupDto(workgroup).Execute()

if errMessage != nil {
fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, "Error when calling `GovernanceGroupsApi.CreateWorkgroup``: %v\n", err)
fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, "Full HTTP response: %v\n", request)

b, _ := json.MarshalIndent(newWorkgroup, "", " ")
fmt.Fprint(os.Stdout, string(b))

The example uses the GetPublicIdentities method from the PublicIdentitiesApi to pull an identity needed to be the owner of the Workgroup.

On lines 20-32 the new workgroup object is initialized and sent to the CreateWorkgroup method on line 34.

To run the code, run this command:

go run sdk.go

The WorkGroup is assigned to the newWorkgroup variable and the details are printed out:

"created": null,
"description": "Description of the Governance Group",
"modified": null,
"name": "DB Access Governance Group",
"owner": {
"displayName": "Brian Mendoza",
"emailAddress": null,
"id": "0003c25c365e492381d4e557b6159f9b",
"name": "Brian Mendoza",
"type": "IDENTITY"