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Appendix B - 8.0 Updates

Version 8.0 of IdentityIQ offers a number of enhancements to plugins:

  • Classes contained in a plugin can be leveraged from any area or feature of IdentityIQ where BeanShell can be used, such as rules, workflow steps, and scriptlets. Version 8.0 also provides mechanisms for limiting or blocking scripting access to plugin classes as needed, and some new IIQ console commands to support troubleshooting of plugin classes.
  • Support for forms in the plugin configuration UI, giving you new ways to present complex or dynamic options in the plugin's configuration page.
  • Stricter handling of executors for tasks, services, and policies, with a global configuration option allowing you to "relax" the stricter declarations for legacy plugins, to help with forward compatibility.

A further detailed explanation of enhancements can be found here: IdentityIQ 8.0: Plugin Enhancements