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Form Submitted

Event Context

The Form Submitted events occur after a user has submitted a custom form.

Some uses cases for this trigger include the following:

  • Immediately take actions based on data submitted in the form

This is an example input from this trigger:

"submittedAt": "2020-06-29T22:01:50.474Z",
"tenantId": "2c9180845d1edece015d27a9717c3e19",
"formInstanceId": "2c9180835d2e5168015d32f890ca1582",
"formDefinitionId": "2c9180835d2e5168015d32f890ca1581",
"name": "Open Service Request",
"createdBy": {
"id": "2c9180845d1edece015d27a9717c3e19"
"submittedBy": {
"type": "IDENTITY",
"id": "2c9180845d1edece015d27a9717c3e19",
"name": "Neil McGlennon"
"formData": {
"department": "IT",
"requestType": "New Laptop",
"laptop": "New Laptop type for Engineer",
"comments": "My laptop is running slow, and I need to get a shiny new laptop to get my work done. Thanks!"
  • formData contains the information provided by the user who submitted the form. The attributes of formData will vary depending on the form definition.