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Certification Signed Off

Event Context

This event is triggered when a certification is signed-off and moves to End status. This is not to be confused with Campaign End/Expiration.

This is an example input from this trigger:

"certification": {
"id": "2c91808576f886190176f88caf0d0067",
"name": "Manager Access Review for Alice Baker",
"created": "2020-02-16T03:04:45.815Z",
"modified": null,
"campaignRef": {
"campaignType": "MANAGER",
"description": "Audit access for all employees.",
"type": "CAMPAIGN",
"id": "2c91808576f886190176f88cac5a0010",
"name": "Manager Access Campaign"
"completed": true,
"hasErrors": false,
"errorMessage": null,
"decisionsMade": 50,
"decisionsTotal": 50,
"due": "2020-03-16T03:04:45.815Z",
"signed": "2020-03-04T03:04:45.815Z",
"reviewer": {
"name": "Reviewers group",
"id": "6a80311c-8d11-40bc-a3c8-29e2360b85e8",
"email": null
"campaignOwner": {
"id": "37f080867702c1910177031320c40n27",
"displayName": "William Wilson",
"email": "[email protected]"
"reassignment": {
"comment": "Changing reviewer.",
"from": {
"id": "8a89c6de77ef762f0177ef7f52f10004",
"name": "Manger Access Review for Charlie Davis",
"reviewer": {
"id": "2c9180867702c1910177031320c4010c",
"name": "Charlie Davis",
"type": "IDENTITY",
"email": "[email protected]"
"phase": "SIGNED",
"entitiesCompleted": 12,
"entitiesTotal": 12