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Get Started

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Required software

You need to have the same software installed to create a customizer that you need to create a SaaS Connector. You can find the lists of Prerequisites here.

Create your first project

To create an empty connector customizer project, run this command:

sail conn customizers init my-customizer-project

The CLI init command creates a new folder with your project name in the location where you run the command.

Change the directory to the project folder and run `npm install to install the dependencies.

Source files

The earlier command creates this initial project source directory:

├── .gitignore
├── package.json
├── src/
| ├── index.ts
| └── index-spec.ts
├── tsconfig.json

This directory contains one source code file. Though you can expand the customizer to include more than one file, the "index.ts" file contains all the logic for the customizer.

  • index.ts: Use this file to register all the available customizer commands the connector supports.