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Update a Managed Cluster



Update an existing Managed Cluster.


Path Parameters

    id stringrequired

    Managed Cluster ID.

    Example: 2c9180897de347a2017de8859e8c5039



The JSONPatch payload used to update the object.

  • Array [
  • op stringrequired

    Possible values: [add, remove, replace, move, copy, test]

    The operation to be performed

    path stringrequired

    A string JSON Pointer representing the target path to an element to be affected by the operation

    value object

    The value to be used for the operation, required for "add" and "replace" operations



  • ]


The updated Managed Cluster

    id stringrequired

    ManagedCluster ID

    name string

    ManagedCluster name

    pod string

    ManagedCluster pod

    org string

    ManagedCluster org

    type ManagedClusterTypes

    Possible values: [idn, iai]

    Default value: idn

    The Type of Cluster

    configuration object

    ManagedProcess configuration map

    property name* string
    keyPair object

    key pair for the ManagedCluster

    publicKey stringnullable

    ManagedCluster publicKey

    publicKeyThumbprint stringnullable

    ManagedCluster publicKeyThumbprint

    publicKeyCertificate stringnullable

    ManagedCluster publicKeyCertificate

    attributes object

    Specific Attributes for Configuring a ManagedCluster by Type

    queue object

    ManagedCluster keystore for sqsCluster type

    name string

    ManagedCluster queue name

    region string

    ManagedCluster queue aws region

    keystore stringnullable

    ManagedCluster keystore for spConnectCluster type

    description string

    Default value: q

    ManagedCluster description

    redis object

    Redis configuration for the ManagedCluster

    redisHost string

    ManagedCluster redisHost

    redisPort int32

    ManagedCluster redisPort

    clientType ManagedClientTypenullablerequired

    Possible values: [CCG, VA, INTERNAL, IIQ_HARVESTER, null]

    type of client for the ManagedCluster

    ccgVersion stringrequired

    CCG version used by the ManagedCluster

    pinnedConfig boolean

    Default value: false

    boolean flag indiacting whether or not the cluster configuration is pinned

    logConfiguration objectnullable

    client log configuration for the cluster

    clientId string

    Log configuration's client ID

    durationMinutes int32required

    Possible values: >= 5 and <= 1440

    Duration in minutes for log configuration to remain in effect before resetting to defaults

    expiration date-time

    Expiration date-time of the log configuration request

    rootLevel StandardLevelrequired

    Possible values: [OFF, FATAL, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE]

    Default value: INFO

    Root log level to apply, the default level for all logs. For more information about logging levels, refer to the "Logging Levels" table in Enabling Connector Logging in IdentityNow.

    logLevels object

    Map of log level by key. The keys are logging classes, and the values are logging levels. To see the available connectors and their logging classes, refer to the "Logging Classes" table in Enabling Connector Logging in IdentityNow.

    property name* StandardLevel

    Default value: INFO

    Standard Log4j log level

    operational boolean

    Default value: false

    Whether or not the cluster is operational or not

    status string

    Cluster status

    publicKeyCertificate stringnullable

    Public key certificate

    publicKeyThumbprint stringnullable

    Public key thumbprint

    publicKey stringnullable

    Public key

    alertKey string

    Key describing any immediate cluster alerts

    clientIds string[]

    List of clients in a cluster

    serviceCount int32

    Number of services bound to a cluster

    ccId string

    Default value: 0

    CC ID only used in calling CC, will be removed without notice when Migration to CEGS is finished

    createdAt date-timenullable

    The date/time this cluster was created

    updatedAt date-timenullable

    The date/time this cluster was last updated