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Update Account



This updates account details. A token with ORG_ADMIN, SOURCE_ADMIN, or SOURCE_SUBADMIN authority is required to call this API. This endpoint supports updating an account's correlation. The identityId and manuallyCorrelated fields can be modified for any account. The attributes fields can be modified just for flat file accounts. To re-assign an account from one identity to another, replace the current identityId with a new value. If the account you're assigning was provisioned by IdentityNow, it's possible IdentityNow could create a new account for the previous identity as soon as the account is moved. If the account you're assigning is authoritative, this will cause the previous identity to become uncorrelated and could even result in its deletion. All accounts that are reassigned will be set to manuallyCorrelated: true unless otherwise specified


Path Parameters

    id stringrequired

    Account ID.

    Example: ef38f94347e94562b5bb8424a56397d8



A list of account update operations according to the JSON Patch standard.

  • Array [
  • op stringrequired

    Possible values: [add, remove, replace, move, copy, test]

    The operation to be performed

    path stringrequired

    A string JSON Pointer representing the target path to an element to be affected by the operation

    value object

    The value to be used for the operation, required for "add" and "replace" operations



  • ]


Accepted - Returned if the request was successfully accepted into the system.