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Service Desk Integration

Use this API to build an integration between Identity Security Cloud and a service desk ITSM (IT service management) solution. Once an administrator builds this integration between Identity Security Cloud and a service desk, users can use Identity Security Cloud to raise and track tickets that are synchronized between Identity Security Cloud and the service desk.

In Identity Security Cloud, administrators can create a service desk integration (sometimes also called an SDIM, or Service Desk Integration Module) by going to Admin > Connections > Service Desk and selecting 'Create.'

To create a Generic Service Desk integration, for example, administrators must provide the required information on the General Settings page, the Connectivity and Authentication information, Ticket Creation information, Status Mapping information, and Requester Source information on the Configure page. Refer to Integrating SailPoint with Generic Service Desk for more information about the process of setting up a Generic Service Desk in Identity Security Cloud.

Administrators can create various service desk integrations, all with their own nuances. The following service desk integrations are available: