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Non-Employee Lifecycle Management

Use this API to implement non-employee lifecycle management functionality. With this functionality in place, administrators can create non-employee records and configure them for use in their organizations. This allows organizations to provide secure access to non-employees and control that access.

The 'non-employee' term refers to any consultant, contractor, intern, or other user in an organization who is not a full-time permanent employee. Organizations can track non-employees' access and activity in Identity Security Cloud by creating and maintaining non-employee sources. Organizations can have a maximum of 50 non-employee sources.

By using SailPoint's Non-Employee Lifecycle Management functionality, you agree to the following:

  • SailPoint is not responsible for storing sensitive data. You may only add account attributes to non-employee identities that are necessary for business operations and are consistent with your contractual limitations on data that may be sent or stored in Identity Security Cloud.

  • You are responsible for regularly downloading your list of non-employee accounts for all the sources you create and storing this list of accounts in a managed location to maintain an authoritative system of record and backup data for these accounts.

To manage non-employees in Identity Security Cloud, administrators must create a non-employee source and add accounts to the source.

To create a non-employee source in Identity Security Cloud, administrators must use the Admin panel to go to Connections > Sources. They must then specify 'Non-Employee' in the 'Source Type' field. Refer to Creating a Non-Employee Source for more details about how to create non-employee sources.

To add accounts to a non-employee source in Identity Security Cloud, administrators can select the non-employee source and add the accounts. They can also use the 'Manage Non-Employees' widget on their user dashboards to reach the list of sources and then select the non-employee source they want to add the accounts to.

Administrators can either add accounts individually or in bulk. Each non-employee source can have a maximum of 20,000 accounts. To add accounts in bulk, they must select the 'Bulk Upload' option and upload a CSV file. Refer to Adding Accounts for more details about how to add accounts to non-employee sources.

Once administrators have created the non-employee source and added accounts to it, they can create identity profiles to generate identities for the non-employee accounts and manage the non-employee identities the same way they would any other identities.

Refer to Managing Non-Employee Sources and Accounts for more information about non-employee lifecycle management.