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List Workflow Executions



Use this API to list a specified workflow's executions. Workflow executions are available for up to 90 days before being archived. By default, you can get a maximum of 250 executions. To get executions past the first 250 records, you can do the following:

  1. Use the Get Workflows endpoint to get your workflows.
  2. Get your workflow ID from the response.
  3. You can then do either of the following:
  • Filter to find relevant workflow executions. For example, you can filter for failed workflow executions: GET /workflows/:workflowID/executions?filters=status eq "Failed"

  • Paginate through results with the offset parameter. For example, you can page through 50 executions per page and use that as a way to get to the records past the first 250. Refer to Paginating Results for more information about the query parameters you can use to achieve pagination.


Path Parameters

    id stringrequired

    Workflow ID.

Query Parameters

    limit int32

    Possible values: <= 250

    Default value: 250

    Max number of results to return. See V3 API Standard Collection Parameters for more information.

    Example: 250
    offset int32

    Offset into the full result set. Usually specified with limit to paginate through the results. See V3 API Standard Collection Parameters for more information.

    Example: 0
    count boolean

    If true it will populate the X-Total-Count response header with the number of results that would be returned if limit and offset were ignored.

    Since requesting a total count can have a performance impact, it is recommended not to send count=true if that value will not be used.

    See V3 API Standard Collection Parameters for more information.

    Example: true
    filters string

    Filter results using the standard syntax described in V3 API Standard Collection Parameters

    Filtering is supported for the following fields and operators:

    startTime: eq, lt, le, gt, ge

    status: eq

    Example: status eq "Failed"


List of workflow executions for the specified workflow.

  • Array [
  • id string

    Workflow execution ID.

    workflowId string

    Workflow ID.

    requestId string

    Backend ID that tracks a workflow request in the system. Provide this ID in a customer support ticket for debugging purposes.

    startTime date-time

    Date/time when the workflow started.

    closeTime date-time

    Date/time when the workflow ended.

    status string

    Possible values: [Completed, Failed, Canceled, Executing]

    Workflow execution status.

  • ]