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Get Report File



Gets a report in file format.


Path Parameters

    taskResultId stringrequired

    Unique identifier of the task result which handled report

    Example: ef38f94347e94562b5bb8424a56397d8

Query Parameters

    fileFormat stringrequired

    Possible values: [csv, pdf]

    Output format of the requested report file

    Example: csv
    name string

    preferred Report file name, by default will be used report name from task result.

    Example: Identities Details Report
    auditable boolean

    Enables auditing for current report download. Will create an audit event and sent it to the REPORT cloud-audit kafka topic. Event will be created if there is any result present by requested taskResultId.

    Example: true


Report file in selected format. CSV by default.

Response Headers
  • Content-disposition string
    Example: attachment;filename=\"fileName"

    The requested report's filename