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Configuration of KBA MFA method



This API returns the KBA configuration for MFA. A token with USER or ORG_ADMIN authority is required to call this API.


Query Parameters

    allLanguages boolean

    Indicator whether the question text should be returned in all configured languages

    • If true, the question text is returned in all languages that it is configured in.
    • If false, the question text is returned in the user locale if available, else for the default locale.
    • If not passed, it behaves the same way as passing this parameter as false
    Example: allLanguages=true


The configuration for KBA MFA method.

  • Array [
  • id stringrequired

    KBA Question Id

    text stringrequired

    KBA Question description

    hasAnswer booleanrequired

    Denotes whether the KBA question has an answer configured for any user in the tenant

    numAnswers int32required

    Denotes the number of KBA configurations for this question

  • ]