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Get Managed Clients



Get a list of Managed Clients.


Query Parameters

    offset int32

    Offset into the full result set. Usually specified with limit to paginate through the results. See V3 API Standard Collection Parameters for more information.

    Example: 0
    limit int32

    Possible values: <= 250

    Default value: 250

    Max number of results to return. See V3 API Standard Collection Parameters for more information.

    Example: 250
    count boolean

    If true it will populate the X-Total-Count response header with the number of results that would be returned if limit and offset were ignored.

    Since requesting a total count can have a performance impact, it is recommended not to send count=true if that value will not be used.

    See V3 API Standard Collection Parameters for more information.

    Example: true
    filters string

    Filter results using the standard syntax described in V3 API Standard Collection Parameters

    Filtering is supported for the following fields and operators:

    id: eq

    name: eq

    clientId: eq

    clusterId: eq

    Example: name eq "client name"


Responds with a list of ManagedClient based on the query params provided

  • Array [
  • id stringnullable

    ManagedClient ID

    alertKey stringnullable

    ManagedClient alert key

    ccId int64nullable

    Previous CC ID to be used in data migration. (This field will be deleted after CC migration!)

    clientId stringrequired

    The client ID used in API management

    clusterId stringrequired

    Cluster ID that the ManagedClient is linked to

    description stringrequired

    ManagedClient description

    ipAddress stringnullable

    The public IP address of the ManagedClient

    lastSeen date-timenullable

    When the ManagedClient was last seen by the server

    name stringnullable

    Default value: VA-$clientId

    ManagedClient name

    sinceLastSeen stringnullable

    Milliseconds since the ManagedClient has polled the server

    status stringnullable


    Status of the ManagedClient

    type stringrequired

    Type of the ManagedClient (VA, CCG)

    clusterType stringnullable

    Possible values: [null, idn, iai, spConnectCluster, sqsCluster, das-rc, das-pc, das-dc]

    Cluster Type of the ManagedClient

    vaDownloadUrl stringnullable

    ManagedClient VA download URL

    vaVersion stringnullable

    Version that the ManagedClient's VA is running

    secret stringnullable

    Client's apiKey

    createdAt date-timenullable

    The date/time this ManagedClient was created

    updatedAt date-timenullable

    The date/time this ManagedClient was last updated

    provisionStatus stringnullable

    Possible values: [null, PROVISIONED, DRAFT]

    The provisioning status of the ManagedClient

  • ]