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Get Access Request Configuration



This endpoint returns the current access-request configuration.



Access Request Configuration Details.

    approvalsMustBeExternal boolean

    If true, then approvals must be processed by external system.

    autoApprovalEnabled boolean

    If true and requester and reviewer are the same, then automatically approve the approval.

    requestOnBehalfOfConfig object

    Request On Behalf Of Configuration.

    allowRequestOnBehalfOfAnyoneByAnyone boolean

    If anyone can request access for anyone.

    allowRequestOnBehalfOfEmployeeByManager boolean

    If a manager can request access for his/her direct reports.

    approvalReminderAndEscalationConfig object

    Approval Reminder and Escalation Configuration.

    daysUntilEscalation int32nullable

    Number of days to wait before the first reminder. If no reminders are configured, then this is the number of days to wait before escalation.

    daysBetweenReminders int32nullable

    Number of days to wait between reminder notifications.

    maxReminders int32nullable

    Possible values: >= 1

    Maximum number of reminder notification to send to the reviewer before approval escalation.

    fallbackApproverRef objectnullable
    type string

    The type can only be IDENTITY. This is read-only

    id string

    Identity id.

    name string

    Human-readable display name of identity. This is read-only

    email string

    Email address of identity. This is read-only

    entitlementRequestConfig object

    Entitlement Request Configuration.

    allowEntitlementRequest boolean

    Flag for allowing entitlement request.

    requestCommentsRequired boolean

    Default value: false

    Flag for requiring comments while submitting an entitlement request.

    deniedCommentsRequired boolean

    Default value: false

    Flag for requiring comments while rejecting an entitlement request.

    grantRequestApprovalSchemes stringnullable

    Default value: sourceOwner

    Approval schemes for granting entitlement request. This can be empty if no approval is needed. Multiple schemes must be comma-separated. The valid schemes are "entitlementOwner", "sourceOwner", "manager" and "workgroup:{id}". Multiple workgroups (governance groups) can be used.