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Get the number of access-requests-approvals



This endpoint returns the number of pending, approved and rejected access requests approvals. See "owner-id" query parameter below for authorization info.


Query Parameters

    owner-id string

    The id of the owner or approver identity of the approvals. If present, the value returns approval summary for the specified identity.

    • ORG_ADMIN users can call this with any identity ID value.
    • ORG_ADMIN user can also fetch all the approvals in the org, when owner-id is not used.
    • Non ORG_ADMIN users can only specify me or pass their own identity ID value.
    Example: 2c91808568c529c60168cca6f90c1313
    from-date string

    From date is the date and time from which the results will be shown. It should be in a valid ISO-8601 format

    Example: from-date=2020-03-19T19:59:11Z


Number of pending, approved, rejected access request approvals.

    pending int32

    The number of pending access requests approvals.

    approved int32

    The number of approved access requests approvals.

    rejected int32

    The number of rejected access requests approvals.