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Create Account



This API submits an account creation task and returns the task ID.
You must include the sourceId where the account will be created in the attributes object. This endpoint creates an account on the source record in your ISC tenant. This is useful for Flat File (DelimitedFile) type sources because it allows you to aggregate new accounts without needing to import a new CSV file every time. However, if you use this endpoint to create an account for a Direct Connection type source, you must ensure that the account also exists on the target source. The endpoint doesn't actually provision the account on the target source, which means that if the account doesn't also exist on the target source, an aggregation between the source and your tenant will remove it from your tenant. A token with ORG_ADMIN authority is required to call this API.



    attributes objectrequired

    The schema attribute values for the account

    sourceId stringrequired

    Target source to create an account

    property name* string


Async task details

    id stringrequired

    id of the task