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Find user by id



Info for a specific user


Path Parameters

    id uuidrequired

    ID of the object to retrieve, update, or delete


Expected response to a valid request

    user object
    id uuid

    ID of the object to retrieve or update

    uid string

    Possible values: >= 32 characters and <= 32 characters

    UID of the user

    name string

    The name

    email email

    The email

    type string

    Possible values: [NeprofileUser, NeaccessUser]

    Default value: NeprofileUser

    Type of user

    title string

    The title

    status string

    Possible values: [Active, Disabled]

    Status of the user

    login string

    The login

    last_login date-time

    When the user last logged in

    cookies_accepted_at date-time

    When cookies were accepted

    preferred_language string

    The locale the user prefers to use

    locale string

    The locale the user prefers to use