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Get identity proofing result data in bulk



This endpoint can retrieve identity proofing result data in bulk from Lifecycle


Query Parameters

    query object

    Allows for pagination and sorting.

    profile_id uuid

    Profile ID to filter by

    workflow_session_id uuid

    Workflow Session ID to filter by

    result string

    Possible values: [pass, fail]

    ID Proofing Result to filter by

    metadata boolean

    Returns batching metadata in the response


Expected response to a valid request

    identity_proofing_results object[]
  • Array [
  • id uuid
    identity_proofing_action_id uuid
    workflow_session_id uuid
    profile_id uuid
    proofing_workflow uuid
    result string

    Possible values: [pending, pass, fail]

    proofing_attributes object
    property name* string
    created_at date-time
    updated_at date-time
  • ]
  • _metadata object
    limit integer
    offset integer
    total integer
    next string
    previous string