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Create an automated workflow



Create an automated workflow



    workflow object
    profile_type_id uuid

    The profile type the workflow effects.

    status string

    Possible values: [Enabled, Disabled]

    Whether or not the workflow is enabled or disabled.

    uid string

    The uid of the workflow.

    name string

    Name of the workflow

    condition_rules_attributes object[]

    The ProfileTypeRule this workflow will be working with.

  • Array [
  • logical_operator string

    Possible values: [AND, OR]

    The type of condition rule.

    comparison_operator string

    Possible values: [<, >, ==, before, include?, absent?, after]

    The operator used by the condition rule.

    condition_object_id string

    UUID for object targeted by the condition.

    condition_object_type string

    Type of object targeted by the condition.

    secondary_value string

    Used for time_frame comparison.

    tertiary_value string

    Represents the days of a temporal comparison.

    value string

    The value being compared against.

    order int32

    If there are multiple rules against one workflow, this is the order that they are ran in.

    type string

    Possible values: [RiskRule, ProfileIdRule, ProfileTypeRule, ProfileExistsRule, ProfileStatusRule, SessionAttributeRule, ProfileAttributeRule, ProfileDoesNotExistRule, IdentityProofingRule]

    The type of condition rule.

  • ]


Expected response to a valid request

    workflow object
    id uuid
    uid string

    Possible values: >= 32 characters and <= 32 characters

    workflow_id uuid
    requester_id uuid
    requester_type string

    Possible values: [User, NeprofileUser, NeaccessUser]

    profile_id uuid

    The profile this workflow session will be working with. Only Applicable for Update workflows

    profile_ids uuid[]

    The profiles this workflow session will be working with. Only Applicable for Batch workflows

    status string

    Possible values: [api_request_sent, approved, assigned, attempting_to_start_workflow, AUTH-STATUS1, AUTH-STATUS2, AUTH-STATUS3, AUTH-STATUS4, AUTH-STATUS5, AUTH-STATUS6, AUTH-STATUS7, AUTH-STATUS8, AUTH-STATUS9, auto_assigned, batch_completed, checking_for_duplicates, closed, completed, courion_add, courion_extend, courion_terminate, courion_update, duplicates_resolved, failed, fulfilled, invitation_sent, ldap_provided, new, non_employee_created, non_employee_updated, notified, pending_approval, pending_assignment, pending_courion_add, pending_courion_extend, pending_courion_terminate, pending_courion_update, pending_creation, pending_fulfillment, pending_ldap, pending_notification, pending_profile_select, pending_request, pending_review, pending_status_change, pending_stored_procedure, pending_trigger, pending_update, processing, profile_check_complete, profiles_selected, rejected, requested, reviewed, soap_request_sent, started_workflow, status_changed, stored_procedure, un_assigned, waiting_on_workflow, workflow_changed]

    attributes object
    property name* string