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Returns a Workflow resource based on id.



The Workflow resource with matching id is returned.

Attributes to include in the response can be specified with the attributes query parameter.

Attributes to exclude from the response can be specified with the excludedAttributes query parameter.

The schema related to Workflow is:

  • urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:sailpoint:1.0:Workflow


Path Parameters

    workflowId stringrequired

    id of Workflow resource.

Query Parameters

    attributes string

    A comma-separated list of attributes to return in the response. This query parameter supersedes excludedAttributes, so providing the same attribute(s) to both will result in the attribute(s) being returned.

    excludedAttributes string

    A comma-separated list of attributes to exclude from the response. Some attributes cannot be excluded.


Returns a single Workflow resource based on the id.

    id string

    Unique identifier of the Workflow.

    name stringrequired

    Name of the Workflow.

    description string

    Description of the Workflow.

    type string

    Possible values: [Batch Provisioning, Scheduled Assignment, Scheduled Role Activation, Managed Attribute, Identity Correlation, Identity Event, Identity Lifecycle, Identity Update, Identity Refresh, LCM Identity, LCM Provisioning, LCM Registration, Policy Violation, Role Modeler, Subprocess, Password Intercept, Alert, Attribute Sync]

    Type of the Workflow.

    handler string

    Handler of the Workflow.

    meta object
    created date-time

    DateTime when the Workflow was created.

    location string

    URL to the Workflow.

    lastModified date-time

    DateTime of Workflow last modification.

    version string

    Workflow version.

    resourceType string

    Resource type of the metadata subject.