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Returns all Schema resources.



All Schema resources are listed in the response. The 'attributes' field holds the schema-specific attributes which differ depending on Schema type.



Returns all Schema resources.

    totalResults integer

    Number of Schemas returned.

    schemas string[]

    The Schema type used for this response.

    Resources object[]
  • Array [
  • id string

    The id of the Schema. The id is the SCIM URN of the Schema.

    name string

    Name of the Schema.

    description string

    Description of the Schema.

    attributes undefined[]

    Attributes used to describe this Schema.

  • Array [
  • uniqueness string

    Determines whether there can be other Schema resources with the same value for this attribute. 'none' means there is no concern for uniqueness, 'server' means the uniqueness of this attribute should be guaranteed for this type of resource, and 'global' means the uniqueness should be guaranteed across all resources.

    name string

    Name of the attribute.

    description string

    Description of the attribute.

    mutability string

    Indicates the ability to change this attribute. Possible values are 'readOnly', 'readWrite', and 'writeOnly'.

    type string

    Defined as 'simple' or 'complex', where simple indicates attribute values stored as strings, integers, etc., and complex indicates object-based values.

    multiValued boolean

    Describes whether this attribute is allowed multiple values.

    caseExact boolean

    True if attribute value is case-sensitive; false otherwise.

    returned string

    Dictates whether the attribute should be returned in a SCIM response body. Can be 'always', 'default', 'request', or 'never'.

    required boolean

    True if this attribute is required for this Schema; false otherwise.

    canonicalValues string[]

    List of canonical values that could be used to supplement attribute.

    subAttributes undefined[]

    Only required if 'complex' is specified for 'type'. If this attribute is of 'complex' type, an array of objects can be stored in 'subAttributes' with attributes relevant to the respective Schema.

  • ]
  • meta object

    Metadata of the Schema.

    location string

    The location of the Schema.

    version string

    The version of the Schema.

    resourceType string

    The SCIM resource type.

    schemas string[]

    The schema for the Schema resource.

  • ]