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Returns a ResourceType resource based on ID.



The ResourceType with the matching ID is returned. The ID is the URN of the SCIM resource. The common fields for each ResourceType entry are 'endpoint', 'id', 'name', 'description', 'schema' and 'schemaExtensions'.


Path Parameters

    resourceTypeId stringrequired

    ID of ResourceType resource.


Returns a single ResourceType resource based on the ID.

    id string

    ID of the ResourceType.

    name string

    Name of the ResourceType.

    endpoint string

    The ResourceType's HTTP addressable endpoint relative to the Base URL.

    description string

    Description of the ResourceType.

    schema string

    The primary/base schema URI of the ResourceType.

    schemaExtensions undefined[]

    A list of URIs of the ResourceType's schema extensions.

    meta object

    Metadata of the ResourceType.

    location string

    The location of the ResourceType.

    resourceType string

    The SCIM resource type.

    schemas string[]

    The schema for the ResourceType resource.