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Returns all Alert resources.



This endpoint returns all Alert resources.

Attributes to include in the response can be specified with the 'attributes' query parameter.

Attributes to exclude from the response can be specified with the 'excludedAttributes' query parameter.

The schemas related to Alerts are:

  • urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:core:1.0:Alert
  • urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:core:1.0:AlertInput


Query Parameters

    filter string

    Allows for query filters according to RFC-7644, Section - not all operations are supported.

    lookupByName boolean

    Set to true if the Alert name is passed instead of the Alert id.

    sortBy string

    Allows sorting the results by a resource's attributes.

    sortOrder string

    Default value: ascending

    Determines what order to sort results in.

    Example: descending
    startIndex integer

    Default value: 1

    Determines the starting index of the result set.

    count integer

    Default value: 1000

    Specifies the number of results per page.

    attributes string

    A comma-separated list of attributes to return in the response. This query parameter supersedes excludedAttributes, so providing the same attribute(s) to both will result in the attribute(s) being returned.

    excludedAttributes string

    A comma-separated list of attributes to exclude from the response. Some attributes cannot be excluded.


Returned all SCIM resources for this endpoint.

    totalResults integer

    Number of resources returned for this endpoint.

    startIndex integer

    The starting index of the resource set list. Can be specified with startIndex query parameter.

    schemas string[]

    SCIM Schema used for response.

    Resources undefined[]
  • Array [
  • id string

    Unique identifier of the Alert.

    name string

    Name of the Alert, auto-generated by the SCIM Server.

    displayName string

    Display name of the Alert.

    type string

    Type of the Alert.

    attributes undefined[]

    A list of attributes of the Alert.

  • Array [
  • value string

    The attribute value.

    key string

    The attribute key.

  • ]
  • application object

    The corresponding Application object of the Alert.

    value string

    The Application associated with the Alert.

    $ref object

    The URI of the SCIM resource representating the Alert application.

    displayName string

    The name of the Alert Application.

    actions undefined[]

    Not empty if action was taken on the Alert.

  • Array [
  • type string


    The type of action performed as a result of the Alert.

    alertDefinitionName string

    The name of the Alert Definition that triggered the action.

    resultId string

    Typically actions create other objects, a certificationId or workflowId as a result of the action taken.

    result undefined[]

    The Task Result of the Alert.

  • Array [
  • name string

    The name of the Task Result for the Alert action.

    workflowName string

    The name of the Workflow used in the Alert action task result.

    notifications undefined[]

    Notifications to send when a Alert action is generated.

  • Array [
  • name string

    The name of configured notifications for Alert action results.

    displayName string

    Display name for the Alert action notification.

    emailAddresses string

    A list of email addresses to send an Alert action notification.

  • ]
  • ]
  • ]
  • alertDate date-time

    The Alert DateTime, this could have different meanings based on the type of alert.

    lastProcessed date-time

    The DateTime of the last time the alert was processed, this does not indicate the system took action on the Alert.

    nativeId string

    Unique Identifier of the Alert in the native system.

    targetId string

    Unique Identifier of the target object which caused the Alert.

    targetType string

    The type of SailPointObject the target is.

    targetDisplayName string

    User friendly display name of the target object.

    meta undefined[]

    Metadata for the Alert.

  • Array [
  • created date-time

    DateTime when the Alert was created.

    location string

    URL to the Alert.

    lastModified date-time

    DateTime of Alert last modification.

    version string

    Alert version.

    resourceType string

    Resource type of the metadata subject.

  • ]
  • schemas string[]

    A list of the schemas used for Alerts.

  • ]