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Work Items

Use this API to implement work item functionality. With this functionality in place, users can manage their work items (tasks).

Work items refer to the tasks users see in Identity Security Cloud's Task Manager. They can see the pending work items they need to complete, as well as the work items they have already completed. Task Manager lists the work items along with the involved sources, identities, accounts, and the timestamp when the work item was created. For example, a user may see a pending 'Create an Account' work item for the identity Fred.Astaire in GitHub for Fred's GitHub account, fred-astaire-sp. Once the user completes the work item, the work item will be listed with his or her other completed work items.

To complete work items, users can use their dashboards and select the 'My Tasks' widget. The widget will list any work items they need to complete, and they can select the work item from the list to review its details. When they complete the work item, they can select 'Mark Complete' to add it to their list of completed work items.

Refer to Task Manager for more information about work items, including the different types of work items users may need to complete.