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Update Lifecycle State



This API updates individual lifecycle state fields using the JSON Patch standard.

A token with ORG_ADMIN or API authority is required to call this API.


Path Parameters

    identity-profile-id stringrequired

    Identity Profile ID

    lifecycle-state-id stringrequired

    Lifecycle State ID



A list of lifecycle state update operations according to the JSON Patch standard.

The following fields can be updated:

  • enabled
  • description
  • accountActions
  • accessProfileIds
  • emailNotificationOption
  • Array [
  • op stringrequired

    Possible values: [add, remove, replace, move, copy, test]

    The operation to be performed

    path stringrequired

    A string JSON Pointer representing the target path to an element to be affected by the operation

    value object

    The value to be used for the operation, required for "add" and "replace" operations



  • ]


Updated lifecycle-state.

    id string

    lifecycle stat id.

    name string

    Lifecycle-state name.

    technicalName string

    The technical name for lifecycle state. This is for internal use.

    description string

    Lifecycle state description.

    created date-time

    Lifecycle state created date.

    modified date-time

    Lifecycle state modified date.

    enabled boolean

    Whether the lifecycle state is enabled or disabled.

    identityCount int32

    Number of identities that have the lifecycle state.

    emailNotificationOption object
    notifyManagers boolean

    If true, then the manager is notified of the lifecycle state change.

    notifyAllAdmins boolean

    If true, then all the admins are notified of the lifecycle state change.

    notifySpecificUsers boolean

    If true, then the users specified in "emailAddressList" below are notified of lifecycle state change.

    emailAddressList string[]

    List of user email addresses. If "notifySpecificUsers" option is true, then these users are notified of lifecycle state change.

    accountActions object[]
  • Array [
  • action string

    Possible values: [ENABLE, DISABLE]

    Describes if action will be enabled or disabled

    sourceIds string[]

    List of source IDs. The sources must have the ENABLE feature or flat file source. See "/sources" endpoint for source features.

  • ]
  • accessProfileIds string[]

    List of access-profile IDs that are associated with the lifecycle state.