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Event Triggers provide real-time updates to changes in Identity Security Cloud so you can take action as soon as an event occurs, rather than poll an API endpoint for updates. Identity Security Cloud provides a user interface within the admin console to create and manage trigger subscriptions. These endpoints allow for programatically creating and managing trigger subscriptions.

There are two types of event triggers:

  • FIRE_AND_FORGET: This trigger type will send a payload to each subscriber without needing a response. Each trigger of this type has a limit of 50 subscriptions.
  • REQUEST_RESPONSE: This trigger type will send a payload to a subscriber and expect a response back. Each trigger of this type may only have one subscription.

Available Event Triggers

Production ready event triggers that are available in all tenants.

NameIDTypeTrigger condition
Access Request Dynamic Approvalidn:access-request-dynamic-approverREQUEST_RESPONSEAfter an access request is submitted. Expects the subscriber to respond with the ID of an identity or workgroup to add to the approval workflow.
Access Request Decisionidn:access-request-post-approvalFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter an access request is approved.
Access Request Submittedidn:access-request-pre-approvalREQUEST_RESPONSEAfter an access request is submitted. Expects the subscriber to respond with an approval decision.
Account Aggregation Completedidn:account-aggregation-completedFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter an account aggregation completed, terminated, failed.
Account Attributes Changedidn:account-attributes-changedFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter an account aggregation, and one or more account attributes have changed.
Account Correlatedidn:account-correlatedFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter an account is added to an identity.
Accounts Collected for Aggregationidn:aggregation-accounts-collectedFIRE_AND_FORGETNew, changed, and deleted accounts have been gathered during an aggregation and are being processed.
Account Uncorrelatedidn:account-uncorrelatedFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter an account is removed from an identity.
Campaign Activatedidn:campaign-activatedFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter a campaign is activated.
Campaign Endedidn:campaign-endedFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter a campaign ends.
Campaign Generatedidn:campaign-generatedFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter a campaign finishes generating.
Certification Signed Offidn:certification-signed-offFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter a certification is signed off by its reviewer.
Identity Attributes Changedidn:identity-attributes-changedFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter One or more identity attributes changed.
Identity Createdidn:identity-createdFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter an identity is created.
Provisioning Action Completedidn:post-provisioningFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter a provisioning action completed on a source.
Scheduled Searchidn:saved-search-completeFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter a scheduled search completed.
Source Createdidn:source-createdFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter a source is created.
Source Deletedidn:source-deletedFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter a source is deleted.
Source Updatedidn:source-updatedFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter configuration changes have been made to a source.
VA Cluster Status Changeidn:va-cluster-status-changeFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter the status of a VA cluster has changed.

Early Access Event Triggers

Triggers that are in-development and not ready for production use. Please contact support to enable these triggers in your tenant.

NameIDTypeTrigger condition
Identity Deletedidn:identity-deletedFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter an identity is deleted.
Source Account Createdidn:source-account-createdFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter a source account is created.
Source Account Deletedidn:source-account-deletedFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter a source account is deleted.
Source Account Updatedidn:source-account-updatedFIRE_AND_FORGETAfter a source account is changed.

Refer to Event Triggers for more information about event triggers.