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Preview form definition data source.



Preview form definition data source.


Path Parameters

    formDefinitionID stringrequired

    Form definition ID

    Example: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

Query Parameters

    limit int64

    Possible values: <= 250 characters

    Default value: 10


    Integer specifying the maximum number of records to return in a single API call. The standard syntax described in V3 API Standard Collection Parameters. If it is not specified, a default limit is used.

    Example: 10
    filters string

    Filter results using the standard syntax described in V3 API Standard Collection Parameters

    Filtering is supported for the following fields and operators:

    value: eq, gt, sw, in

    label: eq, gt, sw, in

    subLabel: eq, gt, sw, in

    Example: label sw "my label"
    query string


    String specifying to query against

    Example: support


Body is the request payload to create a form definition dynamic schema

    dataSource object
    config object
    aggregationBucketField string

    AggregationBucketField is the aggregation bucket field name

    indices string[]

    Possible values: [accessprofiles, accountactivities, entitlements, identities, events, roles, *]

    Indices is a list of indices to use

    objectType string


    ObjectType is a PreDefinedSelectOption value IDENTITY PreDefinedSelectOptionIdentity ACCESS_PROFILE PreDefinedSelectOptionAccessProfile SOURCES PreDefinedSelectOptionSources ROLE PreDefinedSelectOptionRole ENTITLEMENT PreDefinedSelectOptionEntitlement

    query string

    Query is a text

    dataSourceType string

    Possible values: [STATIC, INTERNAL, SEARCH]

    DataSourceType is a FormElementDataSourceType value STATIC FormElementDataSourceTypeStatic INTERNAL FormElementDataSourceTypeInternal SEARCH FormElementDataSourceTypeSearch


Returns a preview of a form definition data source

    results object[]

    Results holds a list of FormElementDataSourceConfigOptions items

  • Array [
  • label string

    Label is the main label to display to the user when selecting this option

    subLabel string

    SubLabel is the sub label to display below the label in diminutive styling to help describe or identify this option

    value string

    Value is the value to save as an entry when the user selects this option

  • ]